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About Us

Clues and Colleague is the first law firm (1996) in Bhutan based in Thimphu, the capital city. Previously known as City Legal Unit, and with two and a half decades of experience in various matters about Intellectual Property and Commercial law, Taxation and Finance, Due Diligence, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, and more, we have served both National and International clients with our astute assessment, determination, and unimpaired professionalism.
We have handled both contentious and non-contentious matters and strived to marry contemporary and modern legal practices and matters with simple old-fashioned values of sincerity, humility, punctuality, deep insights, and expert knowledge in our field. We strive to provide our clients with straightforward advice on complex problems and empower our clients with diverse ideas, tools, and technology to resolve a matter with succinct yet comprehensive legal and procedural solutions. The world is changing and so are we, yet we change not with the tide, but with the insights and values of each meandering experience. Each client is unique and special, and so are our expertise and conscientiousness. Get in touch with us and we assure you the best of our services.

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a) We prioritize Work from a list of Works.
b) We are consistently involved until we achieve good results, productivity, and the best outcome
c) We believe in teamwork, or two or more heads are better than one
d) We believe that a leader is a model for others to take responsibility
e) We believe in serving in humility and being served with dignity
f) We believe the mistake is a human error and we learn from the mistakes and see improved action.

"ignorance of law cannot be excused but ignorance of fact can be excused".